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Marion Ceramics BrickTile

Marion Ceramics BrickTile

The Marion Ceramics BrickTile line offers an appealing and superior alternative to quarry tile, brick pavers or concrete pavers. Marion Ceramics uses the finest clays, shale and raw materials which are fine ground to produce a smooth wire cut texture. The texture is the perfect balance between ease of clean up smooth yet optimum in slip resistance even when wet. With our BrickTile you can avoid the danger of slippery quarry tile as well as the rough characteristics of traditional brick pavers.

Marion’s BrickTile products are available in the modular brick shape (3 5/8″ x 7 5/8″) in either 1/2″ or 15/16″ thicknesses. This allows for BrickTile to be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered as well as installations which will have vehicular traffic where 15/16″ materials set on slap provides an attractive and functional design opportunity.

Matching bullnose trim is available including 8″, 4″ and corner units. Trim for 1/2″ is kept in stock with 15/16″ produced upon request.

We offer a water based penetrating sealer to be used for interior installations and for grout release.

For pool and patio jobs, Marion’s Coping product line is available in matching colors in five sizes.

In summary, Marion’s BrickTile is the most complete and highest quality product line of its kind in the market.

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