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Portofino Porcelain Stone

Portofino Porcelain Stone

Portofino Porcelain Stone veneer is quickly emerging as one of the most popular and sought after styles with its rugged durability, ease of maintenance, and endless design possibilities.  The advantages of using Portofino Porcelain masonry veneer to enhance the overall beauty of any residential or commercial project are numerous. Not only does it offer the aesthetic beauty of natural stone or wood, it is a more practical solution for every day wear and tear. Virtually maintenance free, it is easy to clean and perfect for any interior or exterior application. Its three-dimensional design, varied color pallets and contrasting tones provide depth and warmth to any architectural space. Each panel measures 6” x 24” which makes it easy to install. Porcelain Ledgestone has successfully captured nature’s authentic beauty while maintaining consistent quality transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary. Its beauty speaks for itself.

  • Manufactured porcelain tile made to look like natural stone or wood
  • Captures the colors and variations found in nature combined with a consistent quality
  • Three-dimensional design lends itself to a replica of an authentic natural stone
  • Each panel measures 6” x 24” for easy installation
  • Perfect for interior or exterior applications
  • Carefully crafted color pallets designed to enhance transitional and contemporary spaces
  • Practical for any application, especially commercial uses, as it is much easier to clean than natural stone
  • Matching Corners for every profile and color

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